LBAcademy workshop held at PEI Unconference

Fintech Hackathon challenge at AfricaTechDay
Our Fintech Hackathon challenge at AfricaTechDay
July 16, 2017
How to build your UK Tech Startup
How to build your Tech Startup
October 4, 2017
LBAcademy PEI Unconference

LBAcademy has now launched on the PEI exChange

LBAcademy has now launched on the PEI exChange, the first online matching platform for people passionate about African development. Sign up and connect to us here

On 20th July 2017 LBAcademy attended the PEI #ScienceAfrica UnConference – ‘Big Ideas for Africa: Celebrating the Continent’s Science and Technology Pioneers’. It was the great Launch of the PEI exChange at Planet Earth Institute’s annual #ScienceAfrica UnConference. PEI exChange, brings people together across roles, sectors and global locations to make their big ideas for Africa a reality.

Join the Community

Gboyega was a workshop leader for the LBAcademy, afternoon slot, which was a thought-provoking discussion about how the UK based Business Growth Hub would support UK tech biz & diaspora startups to expand to Africa. Gboyega emphasised, that the Hub was in it’s infancy and had a 3 year business plan to firstly consolidate in the UK and then expand to provide (digital) Technical services, with Lagos as the first market entry. To quote the Chinese proverb, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.”

Fostering innovation on the continent

It was an energising and engaging day, full of inspiring people ready to take action. While the issues covered were fairly broad – from investment in research and development to harnessing new technologies – there was a specific focus on fostering innovation on the continent.


It was also an interactive day of panel discussions, workshop sessions and debates on galvanising support for the continent’s science and technology pioneers. Workshops were facilitated by Alison Coward and thanks go to Rt Hon Lord Paul Boateng, PEI Chairman and the organising committee.

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