Our Team

Adegboyega Awokoya

Business Growth & Training


Ade has experience of providing support across various UK industry sectors, based on his work experience as Digital Project Manager, Microsoft Partner and UK Export Underwriter. His primary responsibilities also include Business strategy and Corporate partnerships.

He graduated from the University of Lagos then trained at Oregon State University, USA and registered as a Chemical Engineer, while his past professional experience cuts across a breadth of sectors, with management positions at subsidiaries of Multinational companies and consulting as an Investment Manager..


Twitter: @LBSAcademy

Toni Osoba

Talent & Community Outreach


Toni volunteers and helps the team keep focused on our mission to support and enable entrepreneurs to build and grow their business. She is responsible for Talent and Community outreach.

Toni works as a Talent Retention Lead with Accenture UK and has previous experience as a HR Advisory consultant. She graduated BSc (Economics) and is an awesome Project Manager!


Twitter: @toni_osoba