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Providing our Learning Platform

We have developed a learning platform with a range of curriculum for aspiring social intrepreneurs, careers seekers and digital entrepreneurs – all delivered within our digital hub, where people learn to be enterprising and socially innovative.

Choose the Business Track that suits

whatwedoBusiness Founder

We work with you as a Mentor, if you are at the startup/developmental stage.

Business Fast Track

We work with you as a Digital Coach and help with technical solutions and vendor

Business Growth Track

We develop a business framework on which you can use to deliver and grow your services effectively..

How We Can Help

uktech learning platform
  • Provide startup techniques and tools to move your business growth or idea forward.
  • Teach and inspire you on how to navigate the funding and investment landscape.
  • Help you pitch your business idea to gain exposure and constructive feedback.
  • Events and workshops with other entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and knowledge

Skills & Talent

Services provided will focus on Learning & Development (L&D) and include workshops. Our curriculum for entrepreneurs develops their concepts in the digital hub. We provide access to advice, courses, tools, techniques, training and expertise from our expert partners and professional services organisations. This provides entrepreneurs with knowledge and insight to launch their enterprise. Although a set curriculum, there will be flexibility built in to the delivery of the programme to accommodate individual needs as they arise.

Digital programme training blended with:

  • Curriculum design + programme
  • Match with UK Public & EU Funding
  • Use of partners to provide learning modules + validation
  • Content available with Creative Commons (CC) license
  • Learning platform is digital in tandem with offline deliver

E-Learning and Webinars: We will be looking for partnerships with Tech enterprises for resource support and access to learning platforms to include free e-Learning platforms i.e. MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) from Educational providers.


Technology is shaping our society and culture, and people need to adopt a culture of continual acquired professional & technical skills. We are looking forward to a number of innovative collaborations in the coming year.

We will be growing our ecosystem and contributing to the success of other social enterprises working to create and combine sustainable business models with a clear social purpose. Our learning platform has established LBAcademy to bridge the digital skills gap with a virtual “Business Growth Hub”.